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reimo metsküll


Reimo is the founder of Retori, he has extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate development dating back to 1999. He is the heart and soul of the Retori Estate group, making sure that everything runs like clockwork and that future projects, their launching and investor relations are under control. It is equally important to build and maintain good working relationships – without professional architects, designers, designers of specific parts and builders, it is clearly impossible to create a high-quality, dignified and long-lasting working and living environment.

Reimo has been involved in sports all his life. In 1994, Reimo won the Estonian Volleyball Championship as part of the ‘Tallinna Liider’ team. A year later, they placed 3rd.

Nowadays, whenever he has a spare moment, Reimo gets out his bike or goes for a long walk.

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peeter oja


Peeter knows and understands the soul of all the homes of Retori and is able to convey this well to prospective home buyers. He has many years of experience in the fields of land management and land law, which is an important asset in his position. No professional property development company can create a property if it does not comply with the law or if legal defects will cause future problems for the home owners. Peeter has an up-to-date overview of the residential property market and he knows what kind of product the market is expecting. Peeter takes customer expectations and the message from the market to the development team, where all information is integrated to realise the objectives of each project.

Peeter is a nature lover through and through. Beekeeping is a long-standing hobby of his that brings variety to everyday life. Today, a special rural site has been set up, with several dozen bee colonies that need care and attention, but which give honey that is not only available to friends but also to other interested parties.

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kristo koger


Kristo has a black belt in sales and putting words one after the other is no problem for him. He has previous experience in the production of building materials, the presentation and marketing of these solutions to end-users, construction companies, property developers, architects and designers. Kristo will do his utmost to ensure that the commercial real estate created by Retori Estate is what the market needs. Systemically and holistically functioning commercial real estate is a win-win for both residents and owners.

Kristo has been active in basketball and athletics since his youth. In recent years, the high jump and the 110m hurdles have been his trump events.

Now, Kristo enjoys road cycling and cross-country skiing in his spare moments.

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peter roose


Peter’s focus is on the creation and development of the Hessnery Residences chain as a whole and its development within the Retori Estate group. He has a clear understanding of how each individual accommodation unit must function as part of a complete system.

Peter has extensive management experience in the hotel and restaurant industry, he also has international experience that allows him to understand the nature and soul of mini-studios.

Peter is interested in tennis, golf and sailing.

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triin karuks


Triin likes colours, patterns and materials. She knows which wall should have the green sofa and where to place the mirror even before the foundations are laid. Triin keeps a close eye on the interior design of all of Retori’s projects to ensure that the home or commercial space that is being created would be dignified and timeless. Retori’s projects have standard interior design solutions, but often customers can have their own wishes. To ensure that these wishes are realised as intended, Triin is by the customer’s side until the finished object is handed over.

Triin is a soul who enjoys not only indoor creation but also the natural charm of the outdoors. Morning ski trails and bike paths are like breakfast before every working day. Triin says that she gets good ideas and inspiration while out on the trail.

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marge männiko


Lextal Advokaadibüroo represents the companies of the Retori group in various legal matters. Marge has been a member of the Bar since 2002 and specialises in transactions and corporate law, as well as real estate and construction law. Marge has extensive experience in advising companies on various acquisitions, transfers and mergers, as well as the conclusion of large-scale design and construction contracts.

In her spare time, Marge likes to play tennis.