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about us

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RETORI is an Estonian real estate development and investment company, active since 2010. Our mission is to develop real estate that retains quality over time, and to do so in cooperation with the best architects in Estonia. By providing value to the living and working environment, we can offer people happy moments every day.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the field of real estate. The best known of these are the apartment building “Pearl of the City Centre” on Ravi Street in Tallinn, the Uusmäe Residential Quarter in Saku, the Eesti Loto Building in Tallinn and the Waldhof Business Quarter in Pärnu. To date, we have developed and handed over hundreds of homes to happy homeowners and thousands of square feet of commercial space to business owners. Several new development projects are underway in Tallinn, Saku, Keila and Pärnu.

In our activities, we rely on long-term experience in the sector. We create real estate that has the best location, a constant value over time, values the living environment and the surrounding nature, and that is architecturally distinctive. Quality is the key word in all our activities.

We want to create real estate that we can be proud of. So that you are proud to live in the buildings or go to work there.


Reimo Metsküll
Managing Partner

environmental protection

We are a responsible company; we keep environmental protection in mind both in the choice of materials and in other activities. We employ environmentally innovative solutions, such as solar panels, heat and moisture recovery ventilation, modern waste management solutions. We are planning charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid cars for our new buildings. At the end of each project, we tidy up the immediate surroundings of the houses, plant additional trees, build green areas and plan a recreation area.

We create real estate that is dignified and lasting.

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pearl of the city centre - a new apartment building complex on ravi street in tallinn

Saku Sõnumid

uusmäe residential area - the first apartments of the independence period in saku


a new house will be built for eesti loto on pärnu highway in tallinn

Pärnu Postimees

the 3-million waldhof business house will be completed by the end of the year

Harju Elu

the uusmäe residential area will expand in saku


exclusive apartments are still a sought-after commodity. the construction of a new luxury boutique house commenced in the centre of tallinn

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If you are interested in projects under development by RETORI, whether published or not, or you have real estate to offer for the development of either residential or commercial real estate, please tell us more about your project/plan/thoughts. We will then contact you.