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Residential area / Saue vald

Retori SK OÜ

Will be revealed at the beginning of 2024

Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid


Kallaste 3, Tabasalu


The new residential area is located between Saue and Laagri in Padula. All houses are planned in such a way that they fit into the existing park forest, preserving all the abundance of species and greenery. A peaceful living environment, a tight-knit community, and a happy childhood of the littlest ones are some of the keywords we follow. Convenient and fast connections to other nearby areas are also ensured, for example, Tallinn, Saue or Saku. The choice includes driving by car, train or bicycle.

The design and construction take into account innovative technical solutions and the construction of a solar park. Convenient management of energy-efficient technical systems will be available at a later stage. Sustainable and green thinking is always important to Retori. Retori has previous positive experience with the construction of the Uusmäe residential area in Saku.

The design work has started and the preparatory works for construction will begin in 2023.

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